October 13, 2017, 5:00 pm

Ad-Hoc Committee 2nd Meeting


We are happy for successfully conducted our 2nd meetinng on 13th October 2017 @ CSE Department, PUB
Campus. 2nd meetinng has been attended seven members, they are:
1. Masud Reza Sir- Chairmen of CSE Dept. PUB
2. Shabbir Ahmed(4th Batch)- Convener
3. Mian Md Mahfuzul Karim(5th Batch- Joint Convener
4. Tanvir Ahammed (8th Batch)- Member
5. Arifur Rahman(11th Batch)- Member
6. Anwar Hossain (18th Batch)- Member
7. Md. Adiat Hossain(25th Batch)- Member
Shabbir Ahmed (Convener) was chaired of the meetinng and start meetinng by greet everyone and
especially thanks to our Masud Reza Sir for joining with us. We discussed about some important points
and take update on previous action items. We had taken some decisions on this meetinng.
PUB CSE Alumni Ad-hoc Committee 2nd meetinng has taken below decision:
1) Ad-hoc commi????ee need to be authorized by PUB letterhead. Masud Reza Sir agreed with us &
he help on this.
2) CSE Alumni “Facebook group & Google form” information will hang on PUB all noticeboard.
Masud Reza Sir agreed with us & he help on this.
3) Room alloca????on: Masud Reza sir agreed with us to share a room for CSE Alumni and hang a
sign board/nameplate in front of that room.
4) Registration fee submission: Our recommendation to submit the registration fee in PUB
accounts or Department concern. Masud Reza Sir will discuss university authority and guide us.
5) PUB information center should be align on Alumni activity and send interested ex-students to
CSE department for further information. Imran will be the point of contract on behalf of Alumni
6) We will develop our Alumni webpage and it will be linked to our PUB central website. The
contents of the website should be following: (Not limited to)
• Home
• About
• Ad-Hoc Committee information
• Notice Board
• Registration Form
• Contact Us
7) Next meeting will be held on 28th October 2017, Saturday 6:00pm at PUB campus.
Finally Chair has given thanks to all and invited to join upcoming meeting.
Best Regards
Main Md. Mahfuz Karim
Joint Convener