September 28, 2017, 5:00 pm

Ad-Hoc Committee 1st Meeting

Music Planet, Gulshan 2

We are happy for successfully completed our 1st meeting on date 28-09-2017. 1st meeting attended eight members there are:
1. Shabbir Ahmed(4th Batch)- Convenor
2. Mian Md Mahfuzul Karim(5th Batch- Joint Convenor
3. Aga Khan Mozumder(11th Batch)- Member
4. Anwar Hossain (15th Batch)- Member
5. Md. Rakibul Islam(22th Batch)- Member
6. Gazi Tanvir Abdullah(23th Batch)- Member
7. Md. Adiat Hossain(25th Batch)- Member
8. Md. Mahmodur Rahman(28th Batch)- Member
Shabbir Ahmed was chaired of the meeting and starts meeting by greet every and specially to all for attending meeting in a such rainy day. We discuss about
some important issues. We had taken some decisions on meeting.
PUB CSE Alumni Ad-hoc Committee 1st meeting taken decision give below:
1) Create a new closed facebook group. It’s create by Mr. Md. Adiat Hossain(25th Batch) with in 29th September 2017.
2) Batch wise member Registration. Every Alumni Ad-hoc member will help for registration his own Batch students. Member registration has to be
completed within October 2017.
3) Room allocation of Alumni Ad-hoc committee. Shabbir Ahmed Vai and Mian Md. Mahfuzul Karim Vai will discuss about Room, subdomain and
other issues with Reza sir on Date 07 October 2017.
4) 16th December 2017 will be launching date of our Alumni Association and also announce Alumni Ad-hoc Committee.
5) our next meeting is 13 October 2017 time is 5pm on PUB Campus. Please all of member will be try to attend this meeting.
6) At last we discus more other important issues on this meeting., please check attached file for details.
Finally Chair has given thanks to all and invited to join upcoming meeting.
Best Regards
Main Md. Mahfuz Karim
Joint Convenor