PUB-CSE Alumni Inauguration

PUB Lobby
16 December 2017

Convenor's Message

Shabbir Ahmed

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all ex-students of PUB CSE department on behalf of Ad-hoc committee.
The specialty of this ad-hoc committee, they will try to arrange a full phase alumni with a committed voluntary workforce spread over fifteen hundred of ex-students and alumni committees, a humongous amount of effort went into the preparations of upcoming events and activity. I would like to thank them all for contributing their time, money, sweat and energy towards this alumni formation.
Encouraging the youth to play a major role in the ad-hoc committee eventually results in the evolution of great leaders from our community.
We aim to take the next step towards that goal through this CSE alumni association.
I am so honored to be the convener for the Ad-hoc committee welcome you all again and expecting your actively participation in our upcoming events. So that we can present official alumni as well as an active committee who can run the alumni for next level.